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Resignation assistant; The dukes will distance themselves "due to the mismanagement of Meghan's team"

One member of the Duchess of Sussex's team left the office only six months after Megan Merkel's wedding with Prince Henry. A fact considered unusual in a court in which belonging to the closest group to the royal family is considered a privileged position and an honor. The news, which was broadcast on the Daily Mail, briefly explained that the duchess's personal assistant, identified as Melissa without further details, had abruptly resigned from her office for personal reasons.

According to the same publication, which echoed the rest of the British tabloids, the palace source explained to the Daily Mail that the news had fallen like a pitcher of cold water because it was a valuable man in the royal family's surroundings and appreciated by the rest of the palace.

Based on this information, Melissa was one of the closest people to Megan Markle during her wedding organization. The preparations, which are inherently complicated by such an event, were especially stressful in the case of the Duchess of Sussex because of the complex relationship between Merkel and his father's family and the scandal that took place a few days before the wedding. A fact that had crystallized, if she had not had a direct connection, with his resignation to be the godfather of his daughter because of surgical intervention to solve a heart problem that prevented him from making the trip from his residence in Rosarito Beach (Mexico) to the UK in a correct facultative.

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"What Meagan wants, give it to him"

Only with these figures has the first crisis unleashed about the exemplary journey of the former actress of a series of suits in the British court. Because of the resignation, which at first was related to stress that could have brought this helper and crazy months that led to the debut of the Duchess of Sussex, he immediately added comments on the care he was giving to his teammates.

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The work of a personal assistant within the palace is essential for organizing schedules, planning official plans, travel, managing correspondence and supporting during official visits. A role which is not equal or chosen for each person, since it requires a high profile of preparation and harmony between the employee and the person who comes, in this case Meghan Markle.

While there was no official statement on the subject, witch hunting began for some media, who began to rummage in Markel's recent past. Some have already reported that the new book by the royal biographer Robert G. Benson, a 70-year-old Charles, notes that the wedding preparations were so stressful that even the smiling Prince Henry "became irritable and showed signs of bad temper" with the crew; "He raised his voice more than once and insisted on saying what Magan wanted, he had.

Guillermo and Kate would not like Megan's bad treatment

There were also other comments by Megan Markell, Jane Nalthorpe-Kwon, who reported that the Countess of Sussex was mercilessly demanding the treatment she needed and her priorities for a few months before the wedding, including costumes. And he implies that he should have been very gentle with her because he shot those who did not share his views.

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The ban also announced that Queen Elizabeth II was to warn her granddaughter, Prince Henry, of the "hard" attitude of Megan after stormy discussions about the pendant she wanted to wear at her wedding that he finally could look at. The Queen's remarks were meant to recommend that the current Duchess Sussex handle How to talk to staff members and follow the family protocol on this issue.

The first crisis of the beloved dukes of Sussex was accepted only in response to the traditional "No Comment" of Kensington Palace but the British tabloids have extended the problem at the Dukes of Cambridge. It is suggested that Enrique and Guillermo distance themselves, and there were differences between their wives because of Markel's treatment of the palace staff in his Hollywood expectations; Something that Kate Middleton had always been very careful about.

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"Represents the role of your life," warn the Duke

The couple's popularity created by Prince Henry and Megan Markell seemed complete and many of his admirers responded to the media that all the employees who helped the royal family had public knowledge of the name, surname and function, and that was a hoax to discredit some royalty members who earned points every day Which passes through their closeness to the people and a different way of dealing with their public actions.

In the United States, Marca's brothers on their father's side will rub their hands. It was not for nothing that those in the months before the wedding planted all sorts of doubts about his seemingly sweet nature. His sister Samantha Grant, 53, accused her of typhus and not of helping her father when she had a financial problem. His brother Thomas Markell Jr., 51, came to write an open letter to Prince Henry warning him that it was time to unlink:

"It's superficial and pretentious that will mock you and the royal family"

He added that Meghan was "playing the role of his life". In the past he gave an interview to the Daily Mirror, where he stated that since his half-sister had arrived in Hollywood, "he forgot his roots."

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