Monday , January 25 2021

The Curse of Line 3 of the Light Train

What kind of curse is weighing on Eliseko and her terrible urban mobility, which for more than 25 years could not have been implemented a concrete project that could be improved? On November 19, the elected governor, Enrique Alpero Ramirez, revealed on his Facebook what had been suspected for months: Line 3 of the light rail has manufacturing defects.

There are two memories that allow us to count the little that was done during the last four sexenios in terms of mobility:

1. When Alberto Cárdenas was governor, the first Pan to get to Casa Jalisco, he negotiated and invested public money in the first public transport renewal. Every novelty in the country's second most important capital, polluted by its trucks and its automotive park.

2. When the last priest, Emilio González Marquez, ruled, an attempt was made to establish an explicit transport network left in one row, that of Maupervas in Calzada Independencia and Avenida Gubernador Luis Curiel. It was in parentheses that the company literally got up on a transport project that opened the door for the return of the PRI to power, after the punishment that the Elysians turned to the Pan members in the polls.

When Aristotle Sandoval won the election six years ago, only mobility was one of the government's legacies. Enrique Fania Nieto, the winning candidate in the presidential elections, ran the Guadalajara and pledged to provide the resources for yearning for Line 3 … and in that time we have been over many years, overcoming jobs, closing roads, driving terrible vehicles and slow implementation of the road company which should, This, completely replaced the man truck program.

Enrique Alfaro, without giving further information (is there research, is information leaking?) Details in the text entitled "5 questions to President Fania Nito" that the components called "diving suits" should be changed all over the bridge of line 3. What are the wetsuits? "Used in shock absorbers", and "prevent vibration between columns and beams". What happened? According to the governor's complaint, "they failed and will have to be replaced."

And questions and suspicions to break out at this point: how much will it cost and how long will it take, considering that you need to move all the bars? Why did not the Ministry of Communications and Transport announce it? Will there be sanctions? The responsible company, "Neoprenos Moldeados S.A. de C.V" is the same that provided this equipment in the Mexico railway works – Toluca, suggesting a possible irregular contract? First and foremost, the next president expresses the concern that the most important work of the administration of Aristotle Sandoval presents more flaws and what is worse, endangering the tens of thousands of people who will use it every day … when it is finally inaugurated.

"It seems to me a scam of Jalisco personnel to come in and deliver a job as finished," says Alpro Ramirez, "knowing that what they are going to leave is a problem."

Will President Pia Nieto respond? Will something tell Governor Sandoval?

Does not that look like a curse?

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