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The "hurricane" of dark matter goes to Earth

The "hurricane" of dark matter goes to Earth

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A team of Spanish astronomers and astronomers has identified a "hurricane" of dark matter with the mass of ten billion suns approaching Earth as it passes through the Milky Way.

Ciaran Hare, a postdoctoral researcher at Saragossa University, published the data in one of the most prestigious physical journals, Physical Review D.

What is dark matter?

NatGeo tells us that when a small galaxy encounters a large galaxy, the gravitational forces of the second galaxy crash the first. However, there are always remnants, spatial currents that move "dark matter" and other debris.

What is known about this current is that it travels far and wide.

Is it a danger to Earth?

For decades, it has been tried to learn dark matter that you can not see, let alone touch.

This would be a great opportunity for scientists to know more about this type of interest.

This storm was called S1 and is based on a set of stars, all moving in the same direction, experts believe they can be in front of the remains of a dwarf galaxy swallowed by the Milky Way. At least billions of years, without mentioning how many.

This phenomenon It poses no danger to the Earth and its inhabitants.

He is approaching Earth

This dark current was discovered last year by the European satellite Gaia, which measures the movements of a series of adjacent stars, which until then was not known, which is called "S1".

Experts said it was a dwarf galaxy that was swallowed up by the Milky Way a long time ago.

This phenomenon will not create a danger to humanity.

The transition of the phenomenon through our solar system could be an opportunity for the scientific community to study in detail the mysterious component of the universe, which today is one of the greatest riddles.

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