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does menopause mean an end to sexuality?


Menopause is a real life course that can disapprove of libido and sex life. However, even if it marks the end of reproduction, it does not mean the end of sexuality.

What are the consequences of menopause on sexuality?

At menopause, menstrual cycles stop and ovulation no longer occurs. This lack of hormonal soaking is responsible for vaginal atrophy with dryness and decreased lubrication.

Postmenopausal woman requires more than 2 minutes to complete lubrication. The use of lubricant or the prescription of hormone treatment may be helpful in overcoming this physiological difficulty.

Slow down the pace to have fun

At menopause, not only do the sexual organs change, but also the feelings and pleasure become more accessible. Particular attention needs to be presented, caressing and penetrating, which must be smoother and especially lasting to obtain the same pleasure as before.

Even if the orgasm remains accessible, menopause is the opportunity for more complicity and tenderness with your partner.

Enjoy menopause to bloom

Menopause is often the departure of children leaving the family home and the crisis of fifty. She therefore has the opportunity to meet face to face with her partner.

Although this course is not easy for all couples, it is a chance to meet again and be attentive to one another. Freedom from contraception is part of this new freedom to love when you want.

To find out more: "The Book of Menopause" by Pat Wingert and Barbara Kantrowitz, edited by Modus Vivendi

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