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FIFM: Here are the Moroccan films selected for the section "Panorama"

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Jahilya by Hicham Lasri, Volubilis by Fawzi Bensaidi and Sofia by Marim Benm barek and four other films were selected for the section "Panorama of Moroccan Cinema" planned for the 17th edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival scheduled for 30-30 November December 2018.

In the 17th edition, the Marrakech International Film Festival presents Moroccan cinema in the limelight with a section devoted to the "Panorama of Moroccan Cinema," which presents seven new Moroccan films, "Volubilis" (Volili), de Fawzi Bensadi, "We Can Be Heroes "By Hind Bensri," The Healer "by Mohamed Zindein," Sophia "by Mariam Ben Mabrak," Stateless "by Nargis & Cathers or" The Lost World " By Yassin Marco Morocco and "Hilla" by Hisham Lasri.

"Panorama du Cinema Marocain" was designed to "demonstrate different aspects of Moroccan cinema to international professionals and media present at the festival," FIFM said in a statement.

As a reminder, the Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM) revealed Monday, November 19 its jury composition. American director James Gray, president of the jury, will be surrounded by eight unique talents of world cinema. Iconic figures from cinema, daring filmmakers, talented artists and glamorous actresses. They come from eight different countries and represent different sensibilities and a cosmopolitan universe.

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