Friday , June 9 2023

flee to save his skin


We are already August 12th. Summer is going by so fast. Worse, the weather alternates between intense hot episodes and greed. From there to take care of his bronze, there is only one step left. But don't have a short memory. In a previous column, we warned you of the dangers of the sun. At the beach, by the sea, hiking. In a word, everywhere.

Yes, we insist on the "everywhere" because those of you who thought you found the parade with the tailors are wrong. Know that these machines are even more dangerous! We'll give you a minute and explain why. Just the time to cancel your next appointment at a concert center.

To begin with, note that the level of UV emission from tanant equipment varies. They emit an average of 2 to 14 times more UVA radiation and up to 10 times more UVB radiation than the sun in summer. Does this electromagnetic storm cool you? Wait, the best … or rather the worst happens.

UVA rays, which are the most popular category of rays used in salons, penetrate deep into the skin and subsequently damage the keratinocytes.

And it is precisely in these cells, located in the underlying layers of the epidermis, that most skin cancers arise.

So, if for you rhymes with good health, you confirm that you have everything wrong. Your tan is actually proof that UV rays have already damaged your skin.

Not only me, a health columnist at Acadie Nouvelle, tell you this. The specialists are unanimous on the subject.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) have established that using tanning equipment can increase the risk of developing melanoma by 59% in people whose first exposure occurred before age 35.

In 2009, the WHO classified the use of these machines as "cancerous to humans". Definitely, that's a lot for a single object

Except we're not done with these devices yet and the damage they cause. Excessive exposure to their UV rays can also lead to sunburn; premature aging of the skin; and weakening of the immune system.

Less known, eye problems related to ultraviolet radiation. Always use adequate eye protection to prevent painful injuries to the cornea and the joint.

Ultimately, exposure to radiation can contribute to the formation of cataracts and the growth of cancerous or pre-cancerous cells of the eye, which could blind you.

To conclude this column, there are myths about tailoring equipment that we would like to scan as well.

Would tanning before traveling south prevent sunburn? Wrong!

Should tent beds be used as a source of vitamin D? However wrong.

But our anti-tanning machines and / or solar critics will stop there. We would not want to upset the sun, the largest producer of UV rays, in the fifteenth of the congress Mondial acadien. Beautiful sunny week, we hope you all!

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