Friday , June 9 2023

France inflation slowdown confirmed for July


                PARIS, August 14 (Reuters) - The pace of inflation has been good
slowed to 1.1% in the twelve months to the end of July in France, after
1.2% at the end of June, according to final data released on Wednesday
by INSEE, confirming its first published appreciation
end of July.
Similarly, the evolution of the price index more than one year
harmonized with European IPCH standards - which allows
comparisons with other countries in the euro area - were
confirmed by 1.3% (-0.1 point also compared to the end of June).
Compared to its first estimates, also INSEE
confirmed the 0.2% decline in the French rate (IPC) as
the IPCH index only in July.
In seasonally adjusted data, the prices at
consumption increased by 0.1% for one month and 1.1%
one year.
The rate of inflation below (excluding public rates
and volatile products) reached a 0.9% year-on-year end
July, unchanged from June.
In relation to inflation, besides tobacco, it is also + 0.9%
for the last twelve months.
The 0.2% drop in prices recorded in July is
including a further decline, for the fourth consecutive month,
those on energy (-1.1%).
With the summer sales, the prices of manufactured products
decreased 2.8% (of which -12.8% for clothing).
Conversely, food grew by 0.5%
during the month, with 2.8% jump in fresh produce,
and services 1%, mainly due to
transport (+ 8.1%).

Detailed statistics on the INSEE website here

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