Monday , January 25 2021

#Free_Lfen, the impulse of solidarity for the two young street artists arrested in Casablanca

The controversy flows on the canvas. On Tuesday, November 13, two young lairds were arrested at the Maréchal de Casablanca Place for "rabbits and violence against civil servants during the exercise of their function." Take care that another standing artist present Sami Allam hardly denies.

They are Badr Mouataz and Mehdi Achataoui, two young lanes, 25 and 28 years, respectively, who are used to live in Morocco and abroad. According to Sami, who played music with Badr and other members of his group, Mehdi had just passed over and did not give up at the time of the event.

"The authorities tried to have our equipment required, we refused because we live with it. Mehdi, who did not play that day, took part in trying to calm the situation, but finally found himself behind bars, he and Badr," regrets Sami.

During this stormy interchange between the authorities and the massive cause, an element of the auxiliary force linked to the administrative annexation of the Wilaya of Casablanca has been revealed. According to Sami, he suffered a traffic accident and has not yet recovered completely. Ambulance was sent to the scene to transport him to the hospital where he produced a medical certificate to support his complaint.

Still behind the bars, Badr and Mehdi will appear in court on November 23. According to the Penal Code, in its articles from 263 to 267, they face prison terms until up to five years in jail.

As a reminder, the Wali of Casablanca, Abdelkbir Zahoud, banned the presence of street musicians accused of bruising pollution last month.

In the network, Internet users were not indifferent. Artists and ordinary citizens, all were mobilized to denounce the arrest of these young people who only animated and made the busy city-occupied place less strained. The hashtag #Free_Lfen with photos from those circulating runs on Monday 19th of November on social networks.

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