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Lighting. This is how the cancellation of the Youth Festival celebrations at the Royal Palace is interpreted


for Mohamed Chakir Alaoui on 14/08/2019 at 15:15

King Mohammed VI

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Deciding to cancel the festivities of the Youth Festival in the Royal Palace, King Muhammad VI recorded this approach of "sobriety" in the same context as the one that led to a reduction of celebrations related to the twenty years of rule, it estimates in political circles .

It is an act of sobriety and approach to celebrating the normal celebration of the Youth, indicates one in the political circles of Discount.

A statement from the Ministry of the Royal House said yesterday, Tuesday, August 13, that the governor had issued "the order not to organize, from this year, the official ceremony of the celebration of the birthday of the sovereign in the palace. takes place on the 21st of August every year. " "This act of sobriety is similar to what led the governor to decide to reduce the extra or special celebrations of the 20th anniversary of his enthronement," said political scientist Mustapha Sehimi.

This idea is shared in the political circles of the capital. "It is the celebration at the Royal Palace of Feast of the youth that aims, the celebration and the commemorations in the country remain because this festival is a symbol for all young people in Morocco," said a researcher, contacted by Le360.

Another important detail: the Youth festival will always be a holiday, as provided by Decree 2.00.166 of May 10, 2000, which amends and supplements Decree No. 2.77.168 of February 28, 1977.

For the political scientist Saud El Atlassi, the governor wants a "reduction of celebrations that directly affect his personality."

For the 20th anniversary of Throne Day, Saud El Atlassi said, "the sovereign has kept everything institutional by rejecting the important ceremonies." "The King hosted the Youth Festival but, canceling the official festivities, he opened the story on a new stage, in a new developmental way."

According to this political analyst, the king now wants "us to be interested in institutions, development and nation".

By Mohamed Chakir Alaoui

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