Monday , June 14 2021

Morocco, India signs extradition agreement of New Delhi

Morocco and India signed a judicial cooperation agreement to extradite criminals on Tuesday in New Delhi.

According to this agreement, it was signed by the Minister of Justice, Mohammad Oggashar, and the Indian Foreign Minister for Foreign Affairs, Singh, each Party undertakes to give to the other, in accordance with the principle of mutuality and in the case of a presentation of a request, persons who have been tried or sentenced to deprivation of liberty by the courts of one of the States.

"The purpose of this agreement is to provide a transparent, reliable and permanent legal framework for the extradition of persons accused of cross-border crimes, trafficking in persons, terrorism and any other criminal or economic crimes committed in a Contracting State," said Mr. Aujjar MAP.

The agreement will also allow the two countries to cooperate in dealing with cases of criminal elements working against the national interests of India or Morocco, adding that both countries need this framework. A legal basis for effective cooperation in the fight against crime.

"The signing of this agreement marks a new milestone in building cooperation relations between the two countries in a number of areas of mutual interest," the minister said.

"The visit of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to India in 2015 gave a strong impetus to the relations between the two countries, as evidenced by the exchange of visits and the signing of several conferences and agreements," he said.

For his part, Singh praised the level of bilateral cooperation and the excellent relations between the two countries, some of which are ancestors and return to the journey to India of the famous scholar Ibn Battuta in the 14th century.

"We held several joint economic committees and signed 22 conferences in less than 21 months, indicating the dynamics of cooperation relations between the two countries," he said.

On this occasion, the Minister of India welcomed Morocco's return to the African Union and its leading role in the development, stability and prosperity of the continent.

He also highlighted the major reform projects initiated by King HM for the socio-economic development of Morocco and the building of a modern state that respects rights and freedoms.

Three other conventions were signed on Monday between Morocco and India. They deal with mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters, and the exchange of expertise in the area of ​​digital transformation in the field of law.

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