Saturday , May 27 2023

Rabat: exceptional mobilization for the purity of the administrative capital


The various districts of the city of Rabat are experiencing exceptional mobilization during the celebration of Aid al Adha to ensure the purity of the capital.

Since the first day of the Aid, the capital's cleaning sector workers have begun work to remove as soon as possible the residue resulting from the slaughter of the sheep.

This celebration is also an opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of cleaning and removing debris in a healthy way to outlaw bad practices and maintain the city's aesthetic appearance.

A visit to the Victoria counties shows the tremendous work being done by the teams of the cleaning companies that work under the supervision of the Victoria community council, including cleaning the markets for the sale of sheep and the spaces where they were prayed for. Eid, as well as the collection of plastic bags previously distributed to the population to prevent accumulation of debris in addition to cleaning the premises used to trim the heads of sheep.

In this regard, the first deputy chairman of the Rabat community council, Lahcen El Omrani, pointed out that the community has built, as in other years, a rich and integrated program, in close cooperation with its partners in local authorities and approved management companies in the cleanup. sector. The measures aim to ensure the cleanliness of the various districts of the capital during the Eid al-Adha period.

In a statement to MAP, El Omrani said that these measures primarily and primarily concerned public awareness of the importance of contributing to the preservation of the public space and aesthetic appearance of the city.

Similarly, cleanup companies began distributing plastic bags to citizens on Sunday to facilitate the collection of waste resulting from slaughtering sheep, he said, noting that 160,000 bags were distributed at the city level. Victoria.

The cleaning companies, he continued, were expected to strengthen the collection and cleaning services, to install large containers (12 cubic meters), especially in areas with high residential density. .

It also needs to mobilize more cleaning equipment and units that will turn the lights on to trim the heads of sheep, and this from the day of the Help.

These operations, El Omrani added, will continue uninterruptedly for 24 hours until all debris is removed from public space and the city's streets are cleared.

On the extinguishing of fires caused by hairdressers in alleys, the first deputy chairman of the discount community council has indicated that the cleanup companies will deploy a set of mobile units with all the equipment and devices. necessary to clean the places where the beards were lit, to speed up the collection of the remains.

Regarding sheep skins, El Omrani said the municipality is working to improve the collection to better assess them and prevent damage, noting that the cleanup operations will be completed on Tuesday afternoon, when the city has acquired its normal appearance.

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