Friday , June 9 2023

The convicted magnetist seized justice


Illegal practice of medicine. This sentence is cold in the back. But when it is associated with a grim reality and especially the death of Valérie and Jean-Marie Vignola's daughter in 2009, these same words still do terrible harm to this couple living in Villeneuve-sur-Lot (Lot-et -Grona). -Garonne). Michel Bousquet, the former magnetizer at the heart of this theme, who returns in the spotlight, is currently living in Montdoumerc in the Lot. He was first sentenced in Cahors, in May 2014, to 8 months in prison suspended and then banned from performing his magnetizing activity for 5 years. His sentence was then weighed by Agen's Court of Appeal in September 2015, where he finally received a 2-year suspended sentence. Sentence with a lifetime ban on practicing the profession of magnetizer. In 2009, Michel Bousquet convinced the couple Vignola that he was able to heal their little Laura, who suffered from a brain tumor.

Trapped in a hidden camera

Convinced, to the point that they cease the traditional care recommended by their neurosurgeon. This specialist was unfortunately able to see irreversible damage to the girl's brain. Vignola's eyes were finally closed in February 2009. The little princess was only 7 years old. A new twist in this issue this summer: "We reported to the Cahors Republic prosecutor, using NRJ channel 12, who went to Michel Bousquet with a hidden camera. This time he was practicing as an osteopath. He was arrested and heard. He was summoned on November 7 at 8:30 am in Criminal Court for concealed carry and illegal practice of medicine. This despite the ban on life he was prosecuted, "says Jean-Marie Vignola. "In 2009, this magnetizer even went so far as to tell our daughter I have healed yourecalls Laura's father with great emotion and anger. He even remembers that Michel Bousquet asked him to "write to Roselyne Bachelot (Health Minister at the time) to announce that Laura was out of business", he cries in the face of this serious attempt to blow a pub, which is still the impact of a dagger in the heart. of this couple. "We know that other witnesses are being heard today," concludes Valérie and Jean-Marie Vignola, who feel supported in this case. Shoulder and understanding.

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