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The Servant of the Holy Places receives the heads of the official delegations


Hajj 1440: The Servant of Holy Places receives Chiefs of Official Delegations

The servant of the Holy Places of Islam, King Salman Ibn Abdelaziz Al-Saud, on Monday received the heads of official delegations for the 1440 pilgrimage to Mecca, including the Secretary of State for Rural Development and Water. and forests, Hamou Ouheli, at the head of the Moroccan delegation.

In a statement to MAP, Mr Ouheli indicated that he had conveyed to the Holy Place Servant brotherly greetings of HM King Mohammed VI, as well as thanks and appreciation from the Sovereign for the efforts made by Saudi Arabia to allow pilgrims to perform the rites of Hajj in calm.

This time, King Salman Ibn Abdelaziz instructed Mr Ouheli to convey his brotherly greeting and appreciation to HM the King and the Moroccan people, highlighting the bonds of brotherhood and affection that unite the two royal families and the strength of secular brotherly ties between the two. peoples.

In an address at the annual reception in honor of Hajj officials and heads of official delegations, the Servant of the Holy Places of Islam said that "the fundamental call of Islam is manifested in unity of the nation as in this great congregation," responding to the call of the Almighty to complete the pilgrimage.

"God has honored the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for serving the two Holy Mosques and the hosts of Allah, which services are a great honor to us, so we have made their supervision and security our highest priority." said King Salman this time, adding "we have provided pilgrims with everything that helps them perform their haiku, as part of integrated projects to facilitate the performance of their rituals safely and to pay a visit to the Holy Prophet's Mosque (PSL)".

This hearing took place in the presence of a Moroccan ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mustapha Mansouri.

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