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It's official, the launch of the Disney Plus streaming platform soon after months of waiting. The production company will unveil its platform in November 2019 with basic offers. A competition is being launched between Disney and the traditional Netflix platform. Disney + announces rich content with series, animated films, but also classics that glorify its glory. According to the website, the platform as usual will offer a set of content for family entertainment. The Disney group intends to invest several million dollars in series and movies, so Disney + is a well-loaded platform. The release of five series and original films is expected to be available on the platform only. The most anticipated series is The Mandalorian from the Star Wars series, for fans of Marvel the Wanda Vision series, Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki will be at the spotlight exclusively on Disney Plus.

The Disney Empire

Disney + will offer a variety of entertaining content from series, movies and animations and comics, as well as various programs such as documentaries and cultural programs. Disney is several brands and a set of studio and franchise. Disney + content will include content from its brands, including Walt Disney Studios, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, Disneynature and National Geographic. The house to diversify its program will partner with the Hulu house for sports content, but also with ESPN. The group is betting on its new platform by investing in and others. To expand its content, it can count as one of its major acquisitions, with the purchase of the Fox in 2018, it's such a complete 30 seasons of The Simpsons that awaits you.

The catalog and content that Disney Plus offers

Disney + will offer a wide variety of content available to all ages. Its basic content already reveals a large catalog and library of nearly 500 films and 7,000 series episodes. Through its production companies and partnerships, Disney + will provide programs for the whole family. All Disney classics will of course be available, but the band won't stop there. He plans to produce more animated films and various programs thanks to his brands and franchises (Marvel and Star Wars). Thanks to its production houses, the series will be the launch of its programs, Star Wars is so adapted in series for the happiness of its biggest fans. It will also invest a budget of several million dollars for a Marvel series production.

Disney + the new streaming platform

With the launch of Disney + the band intends to separate itself from Netflix, the latest products will only be available on the new platform. This is a declared war, Disney did have fairly wide content on the Netflix platform. As for the price, Disney + intends to break the house by launching prices defying the main competition. Its basic offering will offer comprehensive content and much cheaper than those of Netflix. The advertised prices in the US for the base offer are $ 6.99 difference from the $ 5 base offer. Prices in Europe are not yet known. Disney has big ambitions, yet he doesn't expect to be a big competitor overnight. It is thus counting on its investments to offer more and more content to attract more users (60 million subscribers are expected.).

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