Wednesday , June 16 2021

Again turmoil in Belgium: Justice makes raids at Muskroen and the Football Association

VRT journalist Peter Vandenbempt states that with the raids of Wednesday no second bomb exploded in Belgium. It's really no surprise to anyone that Mouscron is further investigated.

"This is an earthquake in October, and Vanderlecht, the Bruges Club, was attacked in many soccer clubs last month, but not in Moscow, and people did not believe then that many suspected the club was not the wrong way.

Forbidden construction

Moskron was purchased a few years ago. Through construction, the club was given to the football agent, Pini Zehavi. "And it is forbidden, as clubs such as Westerlo, Leuven and KK Mechelen have been opposed," says Vandenbempt.

"But every time something was investigated, the answer was: No, it is not so, however, documents were forged and in advance, so the Belgian Federation and the Arbitration Court have been called in. The judge wants all the documents to catch."

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