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Michelle Obama is sincere about abortion, ivf and relationship therapy

Today there are Michelle Obama's memoirs: My Story. In this book, which she wrote after her transition from the White House, she discovers some high revelations.

| Jaldo van der Beagle

Because of our exclusive interview with Michelle, Linda de Mol, LINDA .- Editor-in-chief Jildou van der Bijl and interviewer Antoinnette Scheulderman were the only ones in the Netherlands to read the book in advance.


In her biography, Michelle (now 54) talks about the abortion she had at an earlier age, which made me feel physically scratched and all the optimism we had, the bottom was taken. Because of this feeling, she is now obliged to provide more information about abortions.


Michelle then began administering drugs that would remove the ovaries and encourage them. It paid off; she got pregnant again and gave birth to their first child, Malaya. Michelle later says in the book that the second daughter Sasha was born through ivf, because her egg production again dropped: "One IVF treatment, pregnancy is very simple and free shipping problem."

A fight with "Night Owl"

Much has changed after the arrival of their children. "The bigger Sasha and Malia became, the more I had to hurry and the longer my list of assignments became, the higher the gear." Michelle was devastated in the evenings and she went into a fight with her "fortress of the night", who tried to reach a seat in the US Senate at the time.

Relationship therapy

"When Bark came home he found me angry or irresponsible, I turned off all the lights in the house and went to bed." Despite the two remaining together, their frustrations became more and more constant. Solution: Relationship therapy. And this led to new insights. "Now I understand that even a happy marriage can be a difficult time, which is a contract that can be renewed time after time."

Trump gets it

She is also very prominent in the book about Barak's successor: President Trump. She calls him, among other things, "hating women": "My body trembled with rage when I heard the soundtrack," she writes about the infamous Catch them by the pussy– Assumption. And his victory in the elections: "I did not want to know anything about it as long as I could … (…) I was awake nights, angry at what was happening.

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