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Accused Of Not Like Women Of Color – Hollywood Life


Several fans were not happy about who Mike Johnson appeared in on the August 12 episode of "Bachelor In Paradise". That led to one assumption that Mike killed as "ignorant."

Mike Johnson, 31, recently made his debut on Bachelor In Paradise, and the veteran air force has already had to shoot baseless rumors. The first Bachelorette contestant used his date card on Caelynn Miller-Keyes, 24, instead Tayshia Adams, 28, in the August 12 episode of BIP, leading one fan to comment below Mike's Instagram post on August 16, "WHY DIDN'T PICK TAYSHIA ????" Another fan jumped to conclusions and wrote, "He's clearly not into women."

Mike was not happy with that suggestion. "You don't [sic] let me know, I'm not going to disappoint you, but I know I won't [sic] as you do with this ignorant ** statement. I love women of color ? ”Mike shot at the fan, who accused him of showing prejudice on the dating show.

Mike ended up kissing Caelynn on their televised date, but Miss North Carolina 2018 still accepted a rose from Dean Unglert, 26, and at the same time meet with him also before the episode on August 13th BIP. Of course that hurt Mike's feelings, but we don't think fans are too upset about Mike being alone.

Mike Johnson
A fan wonders why Mike Johnson chose to appear with Caelynn Miller-Keyes and not Tayshia Adams in the 12th episode of "BIP." (Instagram / @ mikejohnson1_)
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson slaps back at a follower who accuses him of not being "women of color." (Instagram / @ mikejohnson1_)

Fans hoped and crossed that Mike will be the next "bachelor" in 2020 after becoming a fan favorite Hannah Brown is Bachelorette season, which wrapped up on July 30th. "Listen. Please make Mike Johnson the next bachelor !!!! He deserves it !!!! He is the best !!!" one fan tweeted on August 12, while another ABC viewer wrote, "I think Mike Johnson will be the next bachelor. ABC is promoting him a lot for him NOT to be."

For now, fans will wait and see if Mike instead finds love in Season 6 BIPwhich makes them a little nervous. "I'm very upset to see Mike Johnson anymore #BachelorInParadise he was supposed to be the next bachelor so I could marry him. One such fan tweeted.

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