Monday , June 14 2021

Samsung joins the World League of AI Specialists

In a few years, users may not need to figure out how to run different devices separately or choose between services.

Instead, the new world of connected devices and services based on artificial intelligence (AI) will be able to recommend and perform, on their own, seamless integrated functions for users in environments around home-office environments.

However, this brave new world does not come without AI risk and should be carefully studied before implementation, especially when it comes to organizational integration.

In line with this Samsung Electronics announced that it has joined a partnership on artificial intelligence for the benefit of people and society (PAI).

The partnership was established to serve as an open platform to discuss, study and formulate best practices on AI technologies.

Founded in 2016, PAI is a technology industry consortium that conducts research and discussion, shares insights, provides thought leadership, identifies new areas for AI application, and creates information materials to advance understanding of AI technologies.

The organization currently has more than 70 partners, including large international companies and human rights groups specializing in AI.

Recognizing rapid development and with a view to positively impacting the future of AI technologies, Samsung joined the PAI to shape the direction of AI development along with international corporate companies.

As a member of the PAI, Samsung will join one of its working groups, people-to-people collaboration with AI systems, and possible collaboration between humans and AI.

The company also plans to participate in research on various topics, including safety, transparency and social and economic impacts of AI.

"Samsung is committed to producing AI products and services that are reliable and safe for people who are beneficial to the company," said Seunghwan Chou, senior vice president of Samsung Research, the premier R & D arm of Samsung's handset business.

"As a member of the PAI, Samsung will strive to advance the ongoing progress of artificial intelligence and develop best practices in AI technologies."

Samsung now has a network of seven major AI Global. Samsung's view on AI is to build an ecosystem that is user-centric rather than targeted device.

To further the goal, they strive to build an AI platform under a common architecture that not only on a rapid scale but also provide an understanding of contextual behaviors.

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