Tuesday , January 19 2021

Singapore Airport terminals become Harry Potter

Pay attention to Harry Potter fans: If you go overseas beyond summer, find a way to pass through Singapore.

Angie Airport has integrated with the Warner Bros. in Singapore to turn its airport terminals into a life the size of entertainment of famous places Harry Potter and Fantastic Animals / Book and series of films.

There will be a Hogsmeade village – including the Hogswarts Express train, Zonko's joke shop, Madame Puddifoot's tea shop, e-mail and Honeydukes sweet eats.

Terminal 3 will be changed to Diagon Alley, which offers the familiar favorites such as "Weiselis Vizard Vizze" and "Quality Quidditch".

Will be a rare replica of the famous willow tree Whomping in Terminal 2, and in Terminal 1 Transit Hall, travelers will find recreation of Menagerie Newt of Skander, which looks in the new film Fantastic Animals: Grindelwald 's Crimes.

The experience is for fans of all ages, so there is no judgment if you take the opportunity to dress in Hogwarts uniforms provided by a shop inspired by Madame Malkin's gowns to all events, or taken on witch activities and Quidditch challenges which are also on offer.

And there will be daily snow and light shows to lead the festive season as well as piles of Harry Potter universe goods – to keep some room for those carry on bags.

The world of magicians at Angie Airport is now underway until mid-February 2019.

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