Thursday , June 17 2021

Harry Potter disappointing fans have to wait until 2019 »IT newspaper

Play: The game is said to be coming this year postponed to 2019

The Harry Potter version of the Pokemon Harry Potter and the Wizard of Unification will be launched only next year, previously stated that it will be launched in 2018.

Niantic Labs behind some big games for mobile platform, such as Pokemon for and Ingress. It has long been said that the universe Harry Potter entered the series of AR games and coupled with virtual reality to the joy of many fans. Now, however, it seems like there must be some patience, but they released the video along with the message that the game will not arrive until 2019.

The film production company behind Harry Potter participates in the development of Niantic in the virtual world of Harry Potter, together they say they will take advantage of the entire virtual platform and players will have to learn magic skills, fight monsters and compensate the team to win the biggest monsters appear.

It is very popular and merges virtual reality with games.

Pokémon Go was a great success when the goal is to capture as many Pokemon as possible while creating teams. The second big game is to fight the opponent's poker game and keep it as long as possible. The game was very successful and was a great success both at home and across the lake. It was reported that Pokémon Go may be the biggest game in the United States ever, and maybe that's all.

Pokemon Go can be the largest mobile game in the United States ever

Harry Potter's Wizard unite and will build on the same principle, where players will use the real world to achieve and achieve goals in the game.

If you think it is too long to wait until 2019, you can sign up for the site of the game to get taste bites and information about the game before it is released.


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