Saturday , January 16 2021

Nordlys – Trailer traveled down the mountain in Ramfjord

The emergency data went to Okletta on Sunday night after they announced a car that was driving down the road. The trailer lay on its side after the run.

"The driver recovered, did not seem physically hurt," Troms police district said on Twitter on 18.27.

According to director of operations Kåre Munkvold, the descent was not far from the exit to Asko.

"Based on what we get information, the trailer does not block the road in any way, to cause traffic problems, Munkvold stated at 18.40.

He joined a Swedish

According to a correspondent of Nordlys in place, the trailer is registered in Sweden.

– It drove off the road on the right towards Tromso. There are tracks about 50 meters before it stopped and crossed, "explains Norman Norman Pedersen.

"Good for the driver, he was not hurt, he also explained to the police, and there is no suspicion of a criminal offense, reports deputy police chief in place.

Can be closed

The police are now trying to store the car in place.

"We are trying to agree on a favorite if the road should be closed during car storage," says the deputy head.

The driver tells Nordales that he's gone after a car has taken its course.

"I do not know if it took a detour, but at least it came on the wrong side of the road, so I let the car go to the end, which gives in," the driver says.

Bering on Sunday night

It was obvious to store cars.

– Either one path will be open, or it will bypass the gamma. The entrepreneur will eventually take over traffic routing. It is estimated that the work will take about an hour, said Director of Operations Käre Munkvold at 21.40.

On 22.06, the Norwegian Ports General Manager announced that the E8 would be temporarily closed due to vehicle storage.

– Manual routing and local bypass, lit at the traffic center.

On 23.05, the road network announced that the road had been reopened.

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