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Rapper quotes the Oslo concert – the Carthaginian talks in "Karpa"

Talib Cavalli broke out as a rapper in the late 1990s, and has since been one of the most influential artists on genre.

On Monday night he was taking the Rockefeller stage in Oslo, but because of another concert they would cancel a few hours before the concert began.

This is because the black band Norway Taka will play Rockefeller in April. Taka was accused of being Nazis several times after the author drew his chin on his chest before a concert in 2007.

The daily newspaper mentioned the first thing.

Instead of playing a concert, Cavalli spent the evening fighting on Twitter.

– Sounds like Rockefeller appreciates the Nazi band above me

In a post on Twitter, Kweli writes that it looks like Rockefeller appreciates Nazi bands on black artists.

– Looks like Rockefeller appreciates the Nazi bands above me, so yes, seems to have been canceled. what can you do. Is to ask Rockefeller Oslo why they prefer to invite Nazis, than black artists to their premises. It does not make a good impression on the city, he wrote.

Following this comment, Cavalli spent much of the discussions on the decision on Twitter.

Calling Jarrag Bacarpe to "Beloved Nazi"

One of the people who will be tested by Kweli on Twitter on Monday night is Craig Patel from Carpedo Rapeduo (former Carpenter Diem Karpe).

P3-Gull 2017: Show

Karpa, with Cyrag Patel and Magdi Abdelhamid, sold four Arabs at Rockefeller, 8 seconds.

Photo: Mariam Bot / NTB

Patel writes on Twitter, "Hey, wisdom. The Nazi band does not sell concert halls in Oslo. On the other hand, my Muslim / Hindu merger group sold Rockefeller in 8 seconds for four consecutive quarters. "

Moreover, Patel says that "do not appear he gives the" Nazis "their concert scene.

In response, Cavalie Patel calls for Nazi love.

12 years ago hakekorset

The band Taka, accused of being a Nazi, plays at the Inferno traditional metal festival at Easter 2019.

They rejected several times that they were Nazis, including Bergens Tidende in February.

"I counted countless times that the use of a concert at a concert in Germany was not done to support Nazi ideology, but I wanted to do something very much, but it was now 11 years ago – and Taka even played in Israel!" Knitted One Piece Cold Once Happened Again Taka is not a racist band, Then vocalist Orian Stadberg.

Many on Twitter also take the taka for protection.

Taake answers

Vocalist Taka Stedjeberg says Dagsavisen that afternoon is not to sink on the level of Cavalis.

"It was a big pity for Rockefeller, as we had a good relationship for 15 years, I thought when I saw him (Talib Cavalli) was invited there, but he would not sink into his level by being aware of it. Several anti-Semitic outbursts, he tells the newspaper.

Stadberg does not say anything about the statements he is making, but Dagsbizen notes, among other things, that Quilty refuses to play concerts in Israel, in solidarity with the Palestinians.

– Positions we do not know

In a press release from Rockefeller Monday afternoon, they write that they are tired of being awarded positions they do not have.

"On the occasion of the cancellation of the concert today with Talib Cavalli, we regret the artist's addition to concepts that we do not recognize again.

In his 33 year history, Rockefeller has always taken an active distance from racism and ninaze. We have a very varied, broad and comprehensive program, which offers a number of artists in a variety of genres, religions and opinions. In the program we have partners like Oslo World, Oslo Pride, City: Alarm, various political parties and the Infernofestivalen ».

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