Sunday , January 24 2021

Unexpected resistance for Petter Northug

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Petter Northug (32) gets unexpected resistance when he goes to Norway for a weekend at Gålå.

While large parts of Norway's national team move to the opening of the World Cup in Finnish Kuusamo, Northug is still working on getting better after a tough season.

Now it is scheduled to begin Friday 15 km Saturday Sprint during norgescup in Gålå.

Northug said that he needs confirmation that the body is still going to the pressure of training and running, and competitions in Gålå will be a new test after he also participated in Beitostølen this weekend.

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Unexpected runner

Although many of the world's top runners are starting Kuusamo, Northug can win a tough competition at Gålå.

Not only are Norwegian players expected to give the coach a hard fight, but also a foreign name is unexpectedly registered in a single register.

Running Secretary Solvig Rønn confirms Nettavisen that the former Olympic champion Dario Colonia has also been recorded for the weekend run.

"The registration list will not be published before the deadline for registration at 12 noon, but Dario Colonia is registered," says Ron Lantabizan.

Switzerland will leave 15 km of free technique Friday and 15 km classic Sunday, thus standing above the World Cup of Kuusamo.

El Nuroe: Dario Colonia goes for the weekend.

Britt Roald

Bet against the World Cup

In an interview with Swiss television channel SRF he does not hide the fact that he has never been very good at Kusamo and that he is now planning to start the World Cup season in Lillehammer at the end of the month.

Because, like the Northug, the World Cup is the great goal of its closeness this winter.

– There I want to fight for medals. The World Cup overall is not a top priority, says Clownia to SRF.

He also tells him that he has a season-free drive and injury. However, he is excited about how he lies.

"It's hard to know how to stand after seven months of physical activity," said the Swiss.

The first indication will be given Gålå this weekend.

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Northug gave himself a deadline

Another person who is enthusiastic about his development is the North. After Sprint's Saturday run at Beitostølen, he made it clear that he must see improvement in the coming weeks so that he could continue to advance to the World Cup.

"If it's not going to ski early in mid-December then it's over.Then the candidate is over and over, let's see if there will be any championship," Northug said.

It is likely that the Scandinavian Cup in mid-December at Östersund will turn into a ring Northug must convince himself that it is worth to continue the project ahead of the World Cup.

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