Thursday , March 23 2023

BTS has fake followers: So study of k-pop band | Followers of Bot | Twitter | Instagram | Shows


It is common for social networks to form groups of fake or fake profiles to follow or intimidate against a public figure, especially in world celebrities of film and music. The famous South Korean band BTS is no stranger to it, and many of them, even the band's profiles, have "bot followers" or fake followers.

Hyperbeast He published an article where he conducted a study to see how many followers of celebrities are "real" and how many are "false". This study was conducted on Twitter and Instagram, two of the leading social networks worldwide, with the IG Audit and Spark Toro applications.

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The results surprised: in the list, the BTS k-pop group is in 6th place.

Also there are Taylor Swift (10), Ariana Grande (11), Miley Cyrus (16), Katy Perry (18), Second Lipa (41), Rihanna (51), Ed Sheeran (57), Kendall Jenner (59) Justin Bieber (61), Shawn Mendes (62), Kylie Jenner (63), Lady Gaga (70), Zendaya (71), Billie Eilish (72), Selena Gomez (75), Camila Cabello (77), and Jacob Elordi (92) ).


According to the study, of Bangtam's 21 million followers on Instagram, 39% is false. On Twitter, of its 16 million followers, 46% are also fake.

The data is recent and fully controlled by the application. These results, however, are not accurate and may change depending on the application algorithm. Something that worried the ARMIS.


The last BTS concert

Last weekend, BTS appeared on the "Lottle Duty Free Family Concert," marking the end of its busy schedule, of having a well-deserved vacation for several months.

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