Saturday , January 16 2021

BVL closes the session green powered by actions by Credicorp Economy Markets

The Stock Exchange File (TheBVL) Repeated Wednesday after the fall of the previous session, in line with external markets, driven by the growth of the role of the financial firm Credicorp , one of the heaviest in the bag.

The index index, made up of the provisions with the highest liquid and market sales, rose 0.31% to 503.26 points. However, so far this year, it points to a fall of 2.17%.

On the other hand, the general index of BVL It earned 0.46% to 19,134,46 points. At the annual level, the indicator recorded a fall of 4.20%.

During the day, there was an amount more than S / 863 million in 317 operations.

Credicorp shares 2.52% before US $ 223.5; During the title of the zinc mining Trevali advanced 6.25% to US $ 0.34 according to the price of zinc. The role of volcanic polymetics gained 2.9%, to S / 0.7.

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