Saturday , June 19 2021

INPE announces that the order was restored in the Challapalca prison [Video]

National Prison ServiceINPE) Reported that the criminal order was restored Challapalca (Tacna) and agents taken hostage were released. The intervention was made in the presence of the president of the Infi, Carlos Romero Rivera,

"In E.P. Challapalca It was returned to order, upon the release of the three detained incarceration agents and the prisoners' prison in absentia. "

On Thursday, prisoners put chains on the bars of the pavilion 1, Elro A, where the 27 prisoners who participated in the riot are being held. Relatives of the agent INPE They were also held as hostages who came to the prison to learn their situation.

The prisoners sought medical treatment (some of them suffering from stress due to height) and their transfer to other prisons, these complaints were discussed with the head INPE. Thursday afternoon. During the riot, the death of a prisoner identified as his son in Sarra Asfag was reported.

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