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"Magaly Medina stinks, it's scum, it's the waste of Peruvian television," said Adri Vainilla | VIDEO | PHOTOS | Photo 1 of 3 | Shows


In the program of Adri Vanilla – who was a reporter for La Noche es Mía and Al Sexto Day – in a cable channel he criticized Magaly Medina in thick words after that Stephanie Valenzuela he would compare the 'Magpie' to a fish.

"I think Magaly (Medina) what Stephanie Valenzuela it did not refer to the physical resemblance between the fish and you but the two of them stink, they are scum, they are garbage, you are the garbage of Peruvian television, you and nobody else but you, "he began Adri Vanilla.

Adri Vanilla he said yes Magaly Medina criticized Sister of Stephanie Valenzuela for getting botox, it was because the 'Urraca' was able to "pay a good surgeon".

"You have done a million operations and you have the freshness to come and criticize a beautiful woman," he defended Adri Vanilla to the Valenzuela sisters.

Finally, Adri Vanilla said about Magaly Medina who is not a "beautiful woman inside". "You just hurt and I think you hinted that Stephanie Valenzuela she is a prostitute and then you think of yourself as an advocate for women, please Magaly Medina ", the presenter concluded.

Adri Vanilla

Adri Vanilla criticized Magaly Medina. (Video: Instagram)

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