Saturday , January 16 2021

Ministry of Health will develop a vaccinated campaign this weekend at Lima

The Ministry of Health reported that this November 24 will develop a national vaccination against pneumonia, rotavirus, seasonal flu, yellow fever, chicken, sauce, and other diseases.

Minsa said that during the campaign called "Update with vaccines" more than 200 thousand children under the age of five will be immunized.

The objective of the day is to protect children and prevent them from some diseases, for which 17 vaccines will be applied to the National Vaccination Scheme, considered one of the region's most complete calendars.

Therefore, Minsa urged parents to go with their children to hospitals, posters and health centers.

"The vaccines are safe and of quality, being testified by the World Health Organization (WHO). They have proven to be the most effective intervention in the prevention of infectious diseases prevented by vaccines, protecting all lives, especially the most vulnerable children and more fully adults, "says the Mixed affirmation.

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