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The 10 air routes that generate the most revenue to airlines | Economy


Some airlines serve a selected group of flights that are not affected by any sectoral crisis. In fact, they make the airlines make millions of dollars. But what are the airways that generate the most money? And which airlines are the ones who make the most money on those trips?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has reported a reduction in the global airspace industry's 2018 profits to US $ 30 billion and indicated that in 2019 the benefits forecast will be up to US $ 28,000 million (compared to US $ 35,500 million expected in December 2018).

Below, you can see which are the ten air routes that generate the most money for airlines according to travel information company OAG:

British Airways

This airline is in first position with a route between New York City and London, generating revenue of $ 1,159 million $ 126,794 with hourly revenue of $ 27,159.

Qantas Airways

Secondly, this Australian airline is considered the third oldest in the world. His journey between the cities of Melbourne and Sydney gives him 861 million 260 thousand 322 dollars in revenue. Monthly earnings also reach $ 23,773.


This Dubai-based airline occupies the third position with the extension between Heathrow, London to Dubai International Airport, generating over 796 million 201 thousand 645 dollars. The cost per hour recorded is $ 24,926.

Singapore Airlines

In fourth place is this airline that has strong presence in Southeast Asia, East Asia and, South Asia. Its general revenue reaches $ 735 million 597 thousand 614 dollars for its section between the cities of London and Singapore. Your earnings per hour are noted at $ 18,771.

United Airlines

The Chicago-based U.S. airline has revenues of $ 689 million and $ 371 thousand 368 and reaches $ 12,882 per hour thanks to its routes between the cities of San Francisco and Newark.

American Airlines

In fifth place is the US-based Texas airline. Its section consists of the cities of Los Angeles and New York, generating a profit of $ 661 million 739 thousand 788 along with an hourly income of $ 13,099.

Qatar Airways

The leading air carrier in Qatar is in seventh place with revenues of $ 639 million 122 thousand $ 609. They earn $ 20,415 an hour. Your tour consists of going from the city of London to Doha.

Cathay Pacific Airways

In the eighth place is the airline of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, which has a section between the cities of Hong Kong and London, which has a profit of 604 million 595 thousand 063 dollars in general and 13,887 dollars per hour.

Singapore Airlines

In the ninth place is the section of this airline, from Sydney to Singapore, but it also has a considerable revenue of 549 million 711 thousand 946 dollars in general, and the revenue is divided in hours of $ 20,821.

Air Canada

Canada's national airline and its section from Vancouver to Toronto generate a total revenue of $ 541 million 122 thousand $ 509. Your hourly income is $ 11,936.


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