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The vision of Aunt Maria according to Peruvians [ENCUESTA] | Peru


He indefinite unemployment assembled in the province Islay (Arequipa region) against mining project Aunt Mary turns 32 today. Citizen opinion was not immune to the effects of this social conflict in which clashes and clashes between demonstrators and the police took place. According to the latest El Commerce-Ipsos national survey, 54% of Peruvians are informed about Aunt Mary, 13 points more than in July. In addition, according to the study applied between August 14 and 16, 45% are not informed about this investment; during the previous month 57% were not aware of this company project Southern Peru.

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In this last month, in which the protests also moved to the city Arequipa, the rejection of project. Of the Peruvian totals reported on Aunt Mary, is 54%, which is against its development. In July, the percentage of those who opposed the project was 47%. If the information is misaligned, the biggest rejection is in the south, where 63% say they are against Aunt Mary.

The opinion has a slight withdrawal: it went from 48% in July to 43% in the last survey. Of these, 53% support the project because it will generate employment and economic growth. Among those who reject this investment, 52% said they are against it because they do not believe that the government will check that the mine does not cause environmental damage.

– I differ –
Fides-Peru Group director Jeffrey Radzinsky says one of the reasons for the rise of rejection is the government's inability to show itself as a trusted interlocutor who can carry out a priority project.

"The social conflicts they must also be understood as a political dispute in which power lies. In this case, the Executive ceded its position and authorized local politicians like Cáceres Llica [gobernador regional de Arequipa], who are against them, without being able to give an adequate answer, "he says.

According to Sebastiao Mendonça Ferreira, president of the Wiñaq research center, the opposition has grown because the population does not believe in the government's ability to control or trust the company's efforts. “The opinion of the people about Tía María has deteriorated, because they knew the project in the middle of the conflict. In that context, the most abundant information is that of the hostile sector, ”he explains.

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