Wednesday , June 16 2021

Gabriela calls "Ang Probinsyano" to ward off censorship »Manila Newsletter


By Ben Rosario

Gabriela women partileist lawmakers Saturday urged cast and producers of the television series "Ang Probinsyano" to stand firm on their ground and any attempt of censorship to be haunted by the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) against popular television program.

Gabrielle's Women's Party

Gabrielle's Women's Party

Gabriela partylist representatives Emmy de Jesus Arlene Brosas, criticized the DILG and PNP put pressure on probably the longest television series aired in the country.

Drama TV action featuring the story of model cop Ricardo Dallesay played by actor Coco Martin is aired on weekdays on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

DILG and PNP officials vehemently opposed the depiction of corrupt police like the villains in the series.

The DILG-PNP broadcast its opposition to the television program even when certain government officials swore to block the approval of ABS-CBN's request to extend its legislative franchise.

ABS-CBN has been in the sights of President Rodrigo Duterte who has claimed to be unfairly criticized by its network of news and public affairs programs.

The network's legislative franchise expires in 1920, when network administrators take urgent steps to extend the Congress by the pro-democracy Congress.

"It is ridiculous that DILG, under the notorious former general Eduardo We, is even" seriously considering "legal actions against the producers of the show," said Gabriella Partylist in a press release.

The group of Persilists added: "This is censorship, because it creates an early restraint on the part of the manufacturers in maintaining the story of the show."

Gabriella warned that such a move would be "very dangerous precedents," as Leopold could easily "abuse the legal process to justify appearances and content that are incompatible with the desired image of the PNP."

"Instead of throwing the whip at Ang Provenciano, Daleg should instead pursue cases and convict police officers who have been labeled sex cases for freedom, rape, sexual harassment, extortion, extrajudicial killings and other criminal acts," Gabriella said.

"Ironically, DILG is raising a howl for the description of cops in the hit series but has never talked strongly about criminal officers abuse women and real-life people," said partylist group.

The group urged cast and producers "to claim freedom of expression and artistic freedom
In light of the DILG and PNP methods to present the tyrannical rule of the religious regime. "

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