Tuesday , November 24 2020

Google Pixel 3 overheating causes some phones to close

Google Pixel 3 has seen its fair share of problems since its launch October 18, including problems saving images, memory management problems and impressions of the second appalling slot.

Now, we can add another hiccup into the mix: an overheating problem causing Google's latest flag to completely shut itself off while loading, as reported by Google 9to5.

Many users across Reddit, Pixel Community Forums and users on social media have reported the problem, stating that the overheating problem is triggered seemingly when the phone performs an action while loading.

The heat is on

Users are initially hurt with a message informing them that "the phone gets hot" and that some features will be "limited while the phone cools down", followed by a marked slowdown in charging speed.

If the problem fails to resolve itself, the phone will be completely closed, with the "Phone Off Due to Heat" message that appears upon reboot.

Based on user reports, it appears that the problem occurs regardless of whether the Pixel 3 is charged for Pixel, a third-party wireless charger or a USB Type C cable.

Google has not released a statement yet, although we expect that a firmware update will eventually address a problem. Today, the only solution to the problem of overheating seems to be an alternative device.

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