Sunday , January 24 2021

John Oliver says authoritarianism is becoming a dangerous global trend

On the end of the season of Last week night, Host John Oliver said that authoritarianism is becoming a dangerous global trend, citing examples from around the world to illustrate his point. The late-night host also called on Americans to stay vigilant to help ensure that authoritarianism is not the same as taking over the United States.

Oliver opened his section of authority by suggesting that there was a "disturbing rise of authoritative leaders around the world." The host quoted Vladimir Putin from Russia, Xi Jinping from China, Viktor Urban from Hungary, and Erdogan Of Turkey, and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil as examples of leaders from around the world who demonstrate authoritarian tendencies.

The comedian said he wanted to closely examine the characteristics of authoritative leaders to assess "what can make them so appealing to people and to what extent this country [the United States] He stands in the same direction. "Oliver described in detail three characteristics which they believed blocked the authoritarian leadership: power, demonization of enemies, and dissolution of institutions.

For the first characteristic, the power of screening, Oliver explained that many authoritarian leaders seek to show power on a personal and individual level to compensate for "the fear that they may be seen as illegitimate." Oliver quoted the Russian army processions, and Putin's training regime as examples of this tendency.

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The host then described the second property, demonizing enemies. He claimed that authoritarian leaders "often go out of their way to identify and sometimes create a group of evil perpetrators from whom they alone can save the country." The comedian used the case of Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines to illustrate this point. As Oliver described it, Deutert "came to power" after running a campaign against drug crimes. As president, Duterte characterization of these drug-related enemies in the Philippines has caused a country's often death of over 12,000 people.

Oliver later explained his final institutions, the joints, noting that "the more they take over, the writers will try to weaken all [institutional] To examine them. "The host noted that cracking down on the freedom of the press and the independence of the judiciary are classic examples of institutional disintegration, and then cited Poland's early retirement as a Supreme Court judge as an example of how leaders can (and secretly) unite power.

The comedian wrapped his passage on authoritarianism by estimating that President Trump demonstrates aspects of these three characteristics. As Oliver put it:

he [Trump] Likes to appear strong, he really wanted a military parade, and when it comes to demonizing enemies, he happily disappears after other migrants and fringe groups …

However, Oliver noted that while he thinks that Trump presents characteristics of an authoritative leader – and that many support him because of this – the institutions of the United States prevented her from becoming an authoritarian state. For example, Oliver noted that claims caused Trump's management to repeat some of the controversial decisions. Some of these decisions include the cancellation of a CNN journalist of the Acosta journalist and the implementation of a travel ban on individuals from several Muslim countries, among others (although a revised ban was later raised in court).

While noting the power of the American institutions, Oliver warned that Trump was "testing the system" and called on the Americans to "be vigilant". He argued that the public must continue to hold the Trump government and run the election, emphasizing that Americans should not be "complacent." Oliver certainly believes wholeheartedly that "the world is dealing with something very dangerous right now," and the United States is not immune to the threat of authoritarianism.

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