Monday , November 23 2020

Deputy Minister from 500 plus has a new role. Bartosh Ratzuk was appointed deputy head of the State Fund

The new deputy head of the PFR will be responsible for the implementation of the government pension scheme of working capital schemes. The PPK, according to the government's assumptions, will include up to 11.5 million employees, and the legislature must create a new system for recording payments, settlements and subsidies, as well as building a PPK information portal.

The new executive vice president will supervise the department responsible for the components of the program. I am convinced that Mr Marczuk's experience in terms of knowledge of the pension system and the implementation of large social programs will lead to an effective launch of the working capital scheme scheme. This is one of the most important projects of the entire PFR team in the coming years

– Pawe Bor Borys, President of the Board of Directors of the Fund for Development of Poland, wrote in a statement.

500 plus

Bartosh Meretz was Deputy Minister of Justice, Labor and Social Policy last week. He moved to the department in 2015, earlier in 2011-2012 he was, among other things, deputy chief editor of "Rzeczpospolita." In the family office he was responsible for the development and implementation of a large family card or by 500 + 300 programs. He resigned his post on 7 November 2018. His duties were led by Deputy Minister Stanislav Schweid.

Plans for drunkenness

Employees' capital plans will have a higher pension PIS prescription for future Poles. Prime Minister Mateus Morawiecki believes that it is "the government's largest plan 500 plus". From July 2019, the first Poles will begin to form a CIP framework. From the beginning of 2021, PPKs will already have 11.5 million people.

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