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Emilewicz on afroh KNF: Today I would not say it was a slip. We are dealing with crisis – politics – all about politics in

Emilewicz She was asked about TVN24 if she would say again that she was talking Leszek Czarnecki, owner of Gittin Novell Bank With the former head of the JNF, Mark Czernowski, this is not a scandal and not a scandal, but an accident at work.

Today I would not say this sentence, especially knowing that it sounds so lively and colorful about the lead (…). The sentence I would not repeat today is emphasized – she said. She noted that she believes it is a very serious matter for a very sensitive area based primarily on trust.

We are dealing with a crisis " – She appreciated. In her opinion, this is not a scandal. Scandal It's in the niche, if we find someone with whom should not be there. And in politics we are dealing with a crisis (…). Chairman of the JNF (…) definitely exceeded the principles of health and safety, the regulator should not talk to the presidents of banks regulated at all. – the Minister believes.

Emilewicz agreed with the interviewer that Chrzanowski's proposal disqualified him. She was asked whether in light of this proposal, she agrees with the estimates of the President of the National Bank of Poland Adam GalapinskiBecause Chrzanowski is honest, noble and dignified.

It is hard to say that noble, honest and dignified after what we heard. These are unnecessary sentences and I was cautious here. I think Professor Galapinski should be more careful – like me – to choose words. We have proceedings in the case of Mr. Chrzanowski and in any matter related to the KNF. (…) We have a problem, there was a conversation – the mode and manner of management that should not exist – she said.

She noted that Chrzanowski is a graduate student of Professor Glapiński. "I understand that teacher-student relationships are sometimes difficult" – She kept.

When asked if there is reason to think about the future and the position of Adam Glapiński, declared that "we know what the law on the President of the National Bank of Poland."

Is there time or not? In the meantime, as I understand, we are talking about what is going on in follow-up – she said. She added that markets do not react negatively, The most important people in the country really take the matter seriously – she stressed.

"Gazeta Wyborcza" wrote last week that in March 2018, then Chairman of the JNF, Marc Chernovsky He offered Czarnecki a favor for Getin Noble Bank in return for about 40 million PLN – it was to be a salary for an attorney mentioned by the head of the JNF.Ranzki recorded the call, but the recording did not include the statement of the Czech Republic. According to the businessman, Chrzanowski was to show him the card, which he wrote 1 percent, which in the opinion of "Wyborcza" was put together part of the value of the bank Gittin Novell "associated with the results of the bank."

A billionaire lawyer Mr. Roman Giertych He admitted that there was no one percent card, but – as he claimed – there was another way to prove he existed. "Mr. Czernecki is ready to undergo a polygraph test," said RMF Giertych.

After the GW article, Zanowski resigned and the prime minister accepted it. Prosecutor General Zbigniew Ziobro announced the beginning of the investigation. As the initial legal qualification, art. 231 couples 2 of the Penal Code – violation of the right of a public officeholder to obtain property gains by a third party. The investigation is being conducted by the Silesia branch of the State Attorney's Office.

According to "Gazeta Wyborcza" from the recording, which Transcripts Renzky told the Public Prosecution Office of the offense, it seems that Novski would have suggested to him: The removal of the JNF Zedz Leo Sokal – the president's representative in the commission and the head of the bank guarantee fund – because he supports the purchase of the banks of the Czech Republic, (The bank exceeds the 1 billion PLN) and the friendly approach of the KNF and NBP to the restructuring programs of the banks of the Czech Republic, # 39; Rantzky.

On November 13, Attorney Giertych filed a second statement in the State Prosecutor's Office, reporting that he referred to "an offense of abuse of authority," but also "points to the possibility of an organized criminal group whose goal was to take over the bank of Leszek Czernecki." According to the lawyer, one of the most important witnesses "who must be heard" in this matter will be President Andez Dodi.

Polish Financial Supervisory Authority On Sunday, Giertych's charges were unfounded. "The KKL-JNF office reads the actions of the patron Gyertych as an attempt to delay the activity of the supervisory body," the JNF's statement said on Sunday. Spokesman of the Committee Jacek Barszczewski announced that on Monday ad hoc internal control at the KNF began to examine the correctness of oversight procedures in the case of Getin Noble Bank SA, idea SA Bank plus SA Bank. The inspection will last two months.

On Monday, for nearly 12 hours, Czernecki was interrogated in the prosecutor's office in Katowice. He said he testified a lot. Unfortunately, I can not comment on the course of the investigation He declared. It was very effective – added his lawyer. Rantzky and Gertych did not answer the journalists' questions.

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