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Poznan: The street of February 23 is here. The Court rejected the Voting objection

The information was provided by President Jacek Jaśkowiak on Facebook.

"Rational arguments and knowledge about history have been won, and I thank them for the Poznan City Council – President of Poznan appeals.

Let us remind you that Governor Zbigniew Hoffman as part of the alternative action, after the Poznan officials changed this opportunity, decided in early December to make independent changes in names, including four streets in Poznan. On this street, February 23, renamed Linina Lendowska. This caused a storm, because for many this date associated with the liberation of the city.

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Members of the Poznan city council disagreed with Zbigniew Hoffman's decision and filed a complaint with the Poznan District Court. The Voivodship Administrative Court overturned the decision of Governor Zbigniew Hoffman regarding de-communization of 23 Lutgo Street. However, the Voyvoda appealed the judgment. Zbigniew Hoffman accused, among other things, of not complying with the "act of decolonization" and revoking the replacement order, in a situation in which a member of the Council was not entitled to appeal the replacement order.

In the end, the case went to court, which, after the hearing, accepted the position of the city council and issued a verdict: February 23 street did not spread communism. In the decision of the Supreme Court, the Plaintiff's complaint was dismissed. In Poznań, ul. February 23.

But will place on the ul. Compare Janina Lewandowska?

– This matter will be transferred to the next city council – Gas & Goz Ganovic said during the meeting of the municipality today. – Some consultants have already noticed that in Poznań, should be a place to create for them a street, saw Deputy Janina Lewandowska.

– I regretted the decision of the Supreme Court. I expect that Janina Lavandowska's deputy will be extraordinarily murdered by the city of Poznan, and that a new and unique place will be found in the urban space – the city court ruled Zbigniew Hoffman, vovode of Wielkopolska.

In an oral justification of the verdict, the court emphasized that the city council had previously been very active in de-communizing the names of the streets. Therefore, it can not be accused of non-activation of due diligence.

– I am happy with this decision NSA. I believe we do not need to change history or look for ways to interpret it as rulers today. The liberation of Poznan from the Nazi occupation is a very important day in the history of our city. This date will not disappear from the public space. On the other hand, compare, Janina Lewandowska is an outstanding, well-deserved Wielkopolska. No doubt, we find a solution to honor her character. However, all this confusion with the change of street name was unnecessary – comments Jacek Jaśkowiak.

What about ul. January 27 Grodzysk Volkap.

Also on Tuesday the Supreme Court issued a judgment verdict on the de-communization of 27 Stycznia St. in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. In this case, the court also dismissed the appeal to the dispute of vievode of Wielkopolska, who wanted to give her the new patron, Father Joseph Maria Bocheński. In this case, the NSA also supported the opinion of the authorities of Grodzysk Wielkopolski, who believe that January 27 is the date of liberation of the city.

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