Thursday , June 17 2021

The composition of the Polish representation for play in the Czech Republic with the Polish Polish team

Skorupski – Kdzziora, Kamiñski, Bednarek, Bereszyñski – Krychowiak, Klich – Frankowski, Zieliñski, Grossiecki – Levandowski. The Polish national group from Monday remains in a training camp in Sopot. If you offer the last workout, in this framework you will start a meeting Thursday with the Czech Republic.

– We experimented with previous games. But in the meantime the experiments are over, we are returning to the setting with typical wings, which is what worked best in this penalty – said Brzêczek before the game.

We're taking the two games very seriously

Already at the first conference in Sopot, the group spoke in the same way: – The results are very important to us. Both meet in Portugal and stay in the first basket, as well as the Thursday with the Czech Republic. We take the two games very seriously – he promised the arbitrator. The battle is still waiting for his first victory. Two draw, two defeats – this is his current balance in representation.

Like the Yizhi Ryokan, he's a hole-buster with protection

Poland – Czech Republic. Representation of Poland:

Skorupski – Kdzziora, Kamiñski, Bednarek, Bereszyñski – Krychowiak, Klich – Frankowski, Zieliñski, Grossiecki – Levandowski.

The beginning of sparring with the Czech Republic on Thursday at 18:00. Broadcast on TVP and TVP Sports, live coverage in and the Live App.Sp.L.


Yaroslav Silvavi on Polish representation problems

– We had a similar problem to you, but you still have Lewandowski, Zieliñski, Milika. You are a big country and you have a greater choice than us. The old generation will replace the new, but you have to be patient – said before the game Poland – Czech Republic guest selector Yaroslav Silhavy.

Poland – Czech Republic. Camille Groszky: I announced that I would come better. And I do

A month ago I announced that I would be in a better position for the following groups. And I – said Kamil Groszky, the Polish national division, who will play against the Czech Republic on Thursday.

Poland – Czech Republic. The façade reflects the representation of the Polish Poles

After successful matches with Portugal and Italy, coach Jerzy Brzêczek concluded that there is no time or room for testing. The coach plans to return the wing team. The problem is that in most cases they do not present a level that guarantees the quality of the group.

Tickets for the game Poland – Czech Republic. The set will not be

33,000 tickets were sold to Poland – Czech Republic. This result is far better than the last friendly meeting with Ireland. Fans enjoyed reduced entrance costs. But the decor in Gdansk will not happen anyway.

Poland – Czech Republic. I was not so good yet. Marcelo Bielsa pushes me to the maximum [ROZMOWA]

– If I said I had a lot of reserves, it would sound like I could still play in Manchester City. I'm pleased with myself, coach Marcelo Bielsa has opened my eyes to a few things, meanwhile I'm stressed at most, says Matush Kalish, a Leeds United midfielder who won first place in the Polish front.

Poland – Czech Republic Thiago Cionek: In the World Cup everything collapsed

– I know I will be remembered as having accumulated goal suicide in the game against Senegal. And as a member of the team did not leave the team in the World Championships – says defender of Poland Polish team Thiago Cionek.

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