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The revolution in the industry is on the rise. But do smart phones folded makes sense?

There is nothing to cheat, the smartphone market has been standing for some time. It is true that in recent months manufacturers have significantly depleted frames around the screens, but for a long time there has been no revolution in the segment of smart cells.

As a result, almost all devices look very similar today, and some impulse will be useful for manufacturers. However, everything points to the fact that we can expect a long-term revolution in the smartphone industry.

Folded smart phones come

Producers with Samsung in mind already some time ago have predicted that screens on smartphones can not grow in infinity. Even in the absence of frames, the phone with a 6.5 inch monitor is very rugged.

The solution would be a smart one that can be split by attaining this device close to a small tablet. So far, we have seen the idea of ​​a well known Chinese company Rool Corporation and the Samsung smartphone that have been waited for several years. They still announce their solutions to Huawei and LG.

FlexPaiFlexPai Royall Corp.

In both cases, we deal with a smaller smart phone, which is convenient to handle with one hand, and when unfolded we will get a large work area of ​​more than 7 inches.

Does that make sense at all?

The question is whether flexible screens fold the entire device is the right direction for development for smartphones.

In my opinion, any solution that will allow you to take advantage of a large work environment on a small device is commendable. It is not without a reason that the boards are so weak today – we do not want to wear a second, crashed smartphone. We prefer to buy a bigger phone.

It makes sense to close the big display in a useful little apartment. When we have some time to work, we will expand (eventually expand or expand) the phone. When viewing the Facebook queue for a cashier, a smaller, eg 5 "screen is enough.

Samsung Smart Phone Displays FoldedSamsung Smart Phone Displays Folded Photo

There are several problems

It all depends, however, on the appearance and operation of finished products. For now, we have actually seen two prototypes, which are unacceptable to customers.

The Rolol FlexPai is a device with a thickness of 7.8 mm after unfolding (after folding at least twice as much) and we recommend 320 grams.

A phone that folds into two or three smartphones are glued and weighs a bit as the board will not take on the market. I'll never want to wear it in my pocket every day, and I suspect you too.

We do not know how Samsung will handle the problem. For now there is no official information, however, the prototype in San Francisco seems much thicker than a typical smartphone. The final product that will appear in February 2019 is to look more "contemporary."

Koreans are reported to begin producing their own device. The time for changes in the project has come to an end. Have you been able to refine the Galaxy F (or Galaxy X) to a level that is similar to today's flagship of the S or Galaxy? That's probably what we'll discover in February.

Samsung Smart Phone Displays FoldedSamsung Smart Phone Displays Folded Barthomomie Paulack, SF /

The biggest obstacle is the battery

Even if Samsung has succeeded, and the Galaxy F will have a thickness of 8 mm and a weight of about 200 grams, I can see another obstacle on the horizon – a battery. "Classic" smartphones today have a capacity of about 4000 mAh and screens with diagonally 6 inches & # 39;

In the case of a very thick smart phone from Ravel, we are dealing with a 3800 mAh cell. It's too small to power a 7.8-inch screen. And just ask Kowalski what is missing on the smartest …

So I do not expect a big battery in Samsung. The manufacturer is likely to make a compromise – or a smart phone with a small battery or thick envelope and a spacious battery. Koreans must stand on their heads so that their folded device can withstand a typical day without charge.

DisplayinnovationDisplayinnovation Photo

Do we have anything to wait for?

In conclusion, I am very fascinated by the idea of ​​folded smart phones and I can not wait to test the first such device.

On the other hand, however, I'm a bit skeptical. I have the impression that some time is needed in the development of technologies used in folded phones. For the sake of rigor, I'm not just talking about Samsung, because other models are also preparing to release their models.

I also hope that users will not be disturbed by the first models on the market, which will likely cost their money without being perfect at the same time. However, the first step forward is to be able to accelerate with the development of technology.

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