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The young wife of the "Familiar" host breaks the silence. He reveals why she married Strasburger


The host of the show "Familiar" separates his professional and private life, which is why we know very little about his newly married marriage. However, Strasburger's young wife decided to break the silence and tell the whole truth.

The host of the "Familiar" program says little about his beloved, and his statements are likely to be counted in one go. Curious netizens are constantly trying to learn something more, but that does not bring the expected results. To their delight, his wife decided to be a little more open about this matter and confessed many facts.

Star of the "Family" program got married. A ceremony surrounded a great mystery

Karol Strasburger was standing right on the wedding carpet exactly a week ago. Everything was shrouded in mystery, so hardly anyone knew that the 72-year-old and his 35-year-old partner were getting married. However, when information on this topic appeared in the media, tabloids and internet users asked every detail about the couple.

As you know, Karol and Małgorzata have been friends for 10 years, and have known each other for 13. Some may wonder why they hadn't been married before. The newly baked Mrs. Strasburger decided to speak out, which was motivated, among other things, by critical comments. She told the whole truth about their relationship.

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Strasburger's young wife breaks the silence

The 35-year-old decided to comment on the marriage by revealing that they were getting married again. Many netizens accused her of doing so only because of fame or money, but she strongly denied any guesswork. Moreover, she has announced that she does not want her or her girlfriend to be treated stereotypically, only through the prism of age. Thus, she also denied the trick on the successor. Małgorzata revealed that although some are sure she was pregnant, the child is not even scheduled.

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– We have been married out of love and on the foundation of a friendship developed over the years. There is no bottom here. Money or other assets are not values ​​that we consider appropriate in a real relationship (…) Not every 35-year-old is the same and not every 72-year-old is a "grandfather" (…) After 13 years of acquaintance, 10 years It seems to me that people marry for love, not having a child – she confessed to a Super Express journalist.

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