Wednesday , January 20 2021

U20 national team won the Ukraine – football

After taking over the Polish team until the age of 20 by coach Jacek Magiera, much was expected after that. They won only seven games against the Czech Republic (3: 0). As a result, they occupy the last place in the Elite League. Humor, footballers and coach wanted to improve in a friendly match against Ukraine.

Our eastern neighbors won the Bielsko Biala stadium. They played the ball well and had more on it. However, they surrendered to sleep, what Poles used. David jumped into the penalty area and drove off against Oleksandr Spron. Judge Piotr Lasik dictated a sentence that Dominique Stacic used mercilessly. This was Nuremberg's first goal on the U-20 team. Magiery still had problems on the field. In the end it's revenge. Adam Chrzanowski fouled Maxim Czech Republic before my penalty and received a yellow card. It was not the end of the bad news. A moment later, Denis Popov was cut with Jacob in the penalty area, with shots headed by Milos Malchka, leading to his draw.

After the break the game became more open. Teams were attacked again and again. The greatest escalation of attacks occurred between the 1960s and 1970s. The Poles earned the first chance 100 percent. Jan Sobociński played perfectly for the backs of the defenders to Timutosh Puch. The defender, on the other hand, scored the same goal near the goal. A moment later, the Ukrainians could continue. They could get their heads back. Olksk Klatch, however, scored a little on the side. In the end, the Poles said the last word. Caspar Kusturcz played flat in the penalty area of ​​Copacab. The transfer slipped through Oleg Veremienko. He did it badly enough, but the ball fell into the net. To the end, Bialko-Czerwoni did not give the initiative and they brought the victory to the end.

Poland U-20 – Ukraine U-20 2: 1 (1: 1)

Goals: Stashik 19 from the criminal, and Remyanko 70 – Popo 28

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