Sunday , June 11 2023

15,000 coupons issued for priority provision


Drivers of hazardous materials have been on strike since Monday, and the government has decreed minimum services and then partial civil demand.

In this context, more than 15 thousand coupons were given for a priority vehicle.

Fuels: Issued 15,000 badges for priority provision

So far, the National Emergency Protection and Health Authority has issued 15,247 badges that allow priority provision, during the energy crisis, of vehicles from public or private entities providing essential public services.

Fuel strike: 15,000 coupons for priority supply

Data provided to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) 's London agency indicate that: in the environment, 4,101 badges were given for priority provision, Infrastructure and Housing 3,549, Labor and Social Security were allocated 2,693, in agricultural activity 3,020 and in the area of ​​health 1,629 permits. 198 cupolas were also allocated to vehicles belonging to city councils and 26 to couple parish councils.

Fuels: Issued 15,000 badges for priority provision

31 permits have been authorized to transport valuables in non-motorized vehicles and to transport mobile generators to the Portuguese Emergency Aid and Safety Network (SIRESP) network.

A form is available on the website of the General Secretariat of the Ministry of Internal Affairs whereby public or private entities not included in Resolution of the Council of Ministers may request the matching of certain vehicles with vehicles of priority entities.

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