Monday , June 21 2021

Berlineta claims to be a victim of vandalism in video shows

the mother The company promoted the video on social networks, along with the report of what happened, about 12.

According to the company selling the Berlin balls, the tricycle was parked near the Lisbon Tourism School, Broua Fayo Kors, on the 12th of the month, when students from this institution "corrupted" it.

Elements of the same group will record the moment in video and share it in the social networks, thus reaching the "hands" of the owners of Berlin.

In the same publication, the family company, about 4 years old, complains that the damages on the motorcycle have questioned the business itself.

Barlita also said that she filed a complaint with the police, and spoke to the school principal, "who has not yet spoken with the parents of the involved youths, who have already been identified," he says.

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