Monday , January 25 2021

FC Porto dismisses FIBA ​​European Cup with domestic defeat – Basketball

FC Porto lost home to the Rilski Sportsman of Bulgaria on 91-79 Friday in the FIBA ​​Europe Cup's sixth and final round in the final position.
The two teams went to this game just to meet schedule, because they had already lost some chance to qualify for the next stage, and perhaps because of this the site appeared with little public.

What was left of the first period was the total superiority shown by FC Porto, which translated into 19 converted points, and the weak opposition offered by Rilski, whose biggest expression was the 11 points the team got.

Everything changed in the following period, because the dragons & # 39; lost a lot of income and the Bulgarians were clearly improved, largely due to the defensive intensity they demanded.

The Riski Player received favorable 12-0 feathers, shortened distances and entered the interval to lose only by point (41-40), and FC Porto surprised by the clear turn in yield at various levels, the general insultry in the offensive phase.

In the second half, the Bulgarian team maintained its good attacking performance, with several converted long distances, jumped for the first time before the score (41-42) and extended its pioneering advantage, which at the end of the third period was eight points ( 60-68).

Without faith and without play, FC Porto could not resist an opponent, who stood for regular regularity and ease with which he won this game, claiming the courtesy of his jars and defensive capability, which only lacked in the first period.

FC Porto suffered his second home defeat in a row and dropped to fourth and last place in his group with seven points of five defeats and victory. Rilski was third with the same points but with the advantage of today winning 12 points, while in his home he lost seven with the bearers.

Pallacanestro Varese from Italy and Alba Féhérvar from Hungary finished in first and second place, respectively, with 11 points.

Play in the Dragon Box, in Porto.

Sportsman of FC Porto – Rilski, 79-91.

In interval: 41-40.

Under the arbitration of Mindaugas Vecerskis (Lithuania), Anthonie Sinterniklaas (Holland) and James Kerry Dominique (England), the teams ranked and won:

– FC Porto (79): Toni Prostran (6), Ferran Ventura (7), João Soares (9), Boris Barac (15) and Sasa Borovnjak (15). They also played: Miguel Queiroz (2), William Sheehey (17), Pedro Bastos, Pedro Pinto (5), Diogo Araújo (3), Pedro Bastos and António Monteiro.

Trainer: Moncho Lopez :.

– Rilski Sportsman (91): Eugene Leroy Harris IV (2), Martin Marinov (6), Zlatin Georgiev (21), Jalen Jenkins (21) and Tony Gugino (17). He also played: Arhur Edwards (6), Dimitar Marincheski, Yordan Bozov (9), Evgeni Hadzhirusev and Miroslav Vasov (9).

Coach: Ludmil Hadjisotirov.

Marker's March: 19-11 (first period), 41-40 (interval), 60-68 (third period) and 79-91 (final result).

Service: 341 spectators.

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