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Find out the value of Meghan's wealth before marrying Prince Harry


The duchess has become internationally known for her role in the North American series 'Costumes'.


August 5, 2019, 1:54 pm

Before marrying the prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex was already internationally known for her work as an actress. At the time Meghan She had an estimated wealth of around £ 5 million (around € 5,440 million), a figure not comparable to that of her husband. According to Hello, the Duke of Sussex is estimated to have £ 30m net worth (over € 32.6m).

Currently married couples and parents of the little ones Archie, the Dukes collected their wealth, but how much did Meghan earn before she belonged to the British royal family?

In Suits, the US television series about which the duchess became known, has recorded more than 100 episodes in seven seasons. For each recorded episode it grossed £ 37,000 (more than 40,000 euros), which translates into an annual total of £ 330,000 (close to 360,000 euros), including expenses raised by the brand off the small screen. When they announced their engagement, Meghan said goodbye to her acting career.

Despite becoming known worldwide for the role of Rachel Zane, the duchess has participated in other projects as an actress, in less prominent roles such as Remember me, a movie produced by her ex-husband, Trevor Engelson and with this project it raised 138,000 pounds (more than 150,000 euros). According to Hi, Meghan took home $ 127,000 for the film. The Candidate and 114 thousand pounds (about 120 thousand euros) for Girl and Girl Guide to Getting Down, a Random Meeting and Failed Friends.

In addition to projects as an actress, the Duchess also had her own blog lifestyle, focused on food, travel, fashion and health issues, with which it gained about 60,000 pounds (65,000 euros) in sponsorship, according to the same publication.

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