Sunday , June 11 2023

First Pagaiadas will launch waters off Funchal Bay at the beginning of the nautical festival in 2019


The Bay of Funchal received this Saturday, August 17, the First Land, a race entered in the 2019 Nautical Festival, organized by the Regional Canoeing Association of Madeira, in collaboration with the Funchal City Council (CMF).

Aimed at the categories Small, Beginners, Kids and Cadets, Men and Women, for the first time in the Portuguese Canoe Federation this year, the event served to determine the Lightweight representatives for the National Final of the First Paths, to be played on the 14th and On the 15th. September in Gemses.

The contest featured kayakers, representing four regional clubs, reaching Câmara de Lobos Nautical Association, Sea Training Center, Funchal Naval Club, Seixal Naval Club.

As for the singles rankings, in the Luís Mendonça Initiative (CTMar) won in K1 to complete the course in 15 minutes and 12 seconds.

In the Men's Infant Diogo Ferreira (CNCalheta) won the category completing the race in 10 minutes and 53 seconds, followed by CTMar athletes António Borges and João Rodrigues, with 12 minutes and 46 seconds and 16 minutes and 08 seconds respectively.

In the Men's Cadets, José Velar (ANCLobos) took first place completing the race in 11 minutes 55 seconds, followed by João Bettencourt (CNFunchal) with 11 minutes 56 seconds and João Silva (ANCLobos) 13 minutes 18 seconds respectively.

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