Friday , October 7 2022

Globe gives Brown Marquezine an ultimatum and actress renews undercover contract | Fame & TV


Brown Marquezine has been managing his career for about a month right after renewing his contract with Globe.

According to "TV News", Brown received a lower bid than expected, tried to negotiate, but eventually accepted the lower value. Since then, Marquezine has made the decision to manage her career.

Also, according to the publication, Globe gave the actress an ultimatum and said that she should focus on her career and move away from the famous world. For years, Marquezine says she will take acting courses outside Brazil, but only travel to fashion events or music festivals.

“Grazi Massafera was even cited as an example to be followed by other actresses. Brown understood that the message was headed in the right direction, ”a source said in the publication.

Brown's mother, Neide, was the one who warned the actress about the difficult contract renewal and caught the attention of her daughter, who faced the family leaving the Zeca Victory office where she had been for 15 years. Now Neide is on his daughter's return to the old office.

Marquezine continues with Mattoni Comunicação, who now runs only the press and image of the actress.

“Career management is not a press office. Everyone in their place, "a Vitorino agent pointed out to the publication.

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