Saturday , April 1 2023

LA BOLO – € 44 million to fly (FC Porto)


Yesterday's defeat pushed FC Porto out of the Champions League, with the Dragons now targeting the Europa League groups, joining Sporting in this stage of the second UEFA competition. Speaking only of the direct impact – not to mention what he could win in prizes – on that early departure of Champions (since 2010/2011 FC Porto has not been outside the group stage of the main European competition and since 2000/2001, with Fernando Santos commissioned, which was not outside the qualifying round), the blue-and-white SAD sees 44 million euros flying. An important hole for security.

The departure of FC Porto has also proved beneficial for Benfica, who have secured their presence in Pot 2 from the group stage, avoiding opponents like Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Naples, Shakhtar, Tottenham and Ajax should the Dutch advance to the final.

More: Without FC Porto in the Champions League group stage, Benfica will win an additional € 1 million – they would get 43, € 44 million.

Conversely, as the Dragons fall to the Europa League group stage, they lose Sporting, who will receive a smaller prize for direct entry.


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