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OnePlus TV is confirmed, prepare for Smart TV "Never legally"


The Chinese tea beast best known for its Android phones will soon launch into the smart TV market. Recently we have seen confirmation of at least four sizes of Smart TV and now, the brand, is again pronouncing on the product and, in this case, the name chosen – OnePlus TV.

By posting on its official forum, technology has confirmed this product range and beyond!

Smart TV from OnePlus TV Smart TV

For OnePlus and its CEO, the smartphone market is becoming repetitive. It is therefore necessary to expand the offerings and expand their horizons. Thus, they sought an area where they could improve the daily lives of consumers and where there is a market with demand.

Why OnePlus TV

Posting to your forum, one of the classmates explains the whys and whys of the chosen name, as well as the accompanying logo. According to the brand, this is a simple but effective designation straightforward. Something easy in the consumer's memory, easy to understand.

Similarly, technology puts its wording "Never settle"As a motto for the new range. Note that this will be the first time the Android maker has ventured into the Smart TV market. However, we have already seen Xiaomi successfully do the same, as does Honor, which is more popular in its Chinese domestic market.

We recall that the company launched a challenge as early as 2018 to choose the name for the product range. Then in a good OnePlus way, the appeal was made to their fan functions and community, with part of the selection process being delegated to them. Now, the manufacturer has decided on the so-called OnePlus TV.

The new bet on the smart TV market

When deciding on the name, the next step would be to elaborate on the accompanying logo. That is why the company has adopted a simple project philosophy here. Something we see form in the juxtaposition of their traditional symbol and the two new letters that need no description. And so the new segment was born.

The manufacturer details the creative process below the end result. Therefore they followed a classic drawing of geometric progress. A part of humanity since classical antiquity, common to European and Asian cultures.

And while this in itself is hardly exciting, the fact that the brand is made public reveals such details shows great compromise with this new project. Something that lets us envision a huge amount of resources and investment in their Smart TV, which can reach up to 75 inches with 4K HDR resolution.

There are even smaller models with a minimum of 43 ”. We are still waiting for two other models with intermediate features, as well as innovative software. It should be noted that this was exactly the focus of earlier statements by Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus.

For him, smart TVs are stagnant and do something urgent!

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