Saturday , June 19 2021

post Scriptum. Against confidentiality agreement between Altice and InvestBraga

The PS consultants in Camara de Braga will file a complaint with the Administrative Documents Access Committee for confidential confidentiality to consult the agreement between Altice and InvestBraga.

At the end of the management meeting, in a regular conversation with the journalists, the three senior representatives of the Executive headed by Ricardo Rio (PDS / CDS-PP / PPM) reported that they were required to sign a confidentiality agreement so that they could consult the terms of the sponsorship agreement between Altice and the municipal company, , Which according to the socialists "creates distrust" and leads to think that "there is a cat" under the auspices of the above.

Faced with the charges of PS, Ricardo Rio rejected the accusation of lack of transparency, explaining that this "contract signed in light of private law" and that secrecy is "keeping sides", Altice and InvestBraga.

"We received documents that we asked for months and were strangely asked to sign a confidentiality agreement on the agreement between MEW and the economic agency Dynamicis (InvestBraga)," explained the Councilor Arthur ugly.

For this, "This creates an unnecessary distrust, should be condemned, and leads to suspicion that there is a cat here."

For Miguel Coris, who headed the PS list in the 2013 municipal councils, the imposition of that confidentiality agreement "reflects the way it works and what is the management of the public," noting that "InvestBraga is a public company inevitably worthy of the opposition's scrutiny."

"This contract I even understand that Altice wants to be secret, the autarchy is that it can not be this agreement and transfer it to us [vereadores da oposição] The burden of honoring the confidentiality agreement to protect the right of Elitis, "he said.

For this reason, Pew said, PS consultants will "take action" against what they see as a "dictatorial path" of city administration: "We will file a complaint with the committee for access to administrative documents, "He promised.

Because the president of the municipality does not raise the question of lack of transparency in the process: "There is no lack of transparency.There are when the relevant norms were not met and in this case all the norms were respected, the procedures are completely legal, the conditions are clear, gracefully, they can not only be public, The city.

According to Rio, the new naming agreement for the "Altiga Forum Braga" "Space Change" was celebrated "under a private law and not as part of a public procurement process."

"Council members can consult with him, thank him, but had to commit to the confidentiality that the contract states.I myself and then director [da InvestBraga que, entretanto, deixou o cargo] Carlos Oliveira do not publicly use the terms of the contract, "he explained.

When asked about the reason for the secrecy, Rio pointed out that Altichia's will.

"If we were asked to do so by the private partner and we are acedos and realized that this is so.If the terms of such a contract were publicly disclosed I believe that Altice would have all the rooms of the country say that they want to contact them under these conditions," he stressed.

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