Thursday , June 17 2021

Ryanair Driven Blind Traveling on Being a Dog Guide – Observer

Rayanier Airlines prevented a blind person from traveling with him being accompanied by a guide dog. Samuel Natriu, a Fulquan Autopurma employee and social services student at ISCTE, wanted to travel between Lisbon and London at 6 am on October 17 with Yolo, the Labrador accompanying him. But it failed because officials have not received the special documentation for these cases. Rayanier finally raised him to the next flight between the two capitals, but Shmuel notes that the confusion caused him trouble: "I lost the investment I made on the trip and did not fulfill my goal … why the lack of information and professionalism of the employees of Ryanair," he said Diário de Notícias.

Samuel Natario is 32 years old and lost sight in 2012 because cyst were housed in the brain. Since then, Samuel has been assisted by Yulo, a guide to a trained dog trainer in the United States to accompany the blind. Whenever he needs to travel, Samuel fills a series of documents warning the airlines about their condition and the need to carry Yolo with them inside the plane. Yolo has always managed to get out with Shmuel for the last six years, but there was a surprise in mid-October: company officials were unaware of the dog's departure and prevented the ride.

"The guiding dog is the basis of the mobility and autonomy of the citizen with total blindness, as in my case," said a Volkswagen official, who said that Rayanir had already denied the rights of disabled citizens: "The guiding dog is not an accompanying dog or a consumable accessory. "We sincerely regret the inconvenience caused and have to wake this passenger on the next flight to London Stansted on its own day, at no cost," the company told the newspaper.

Any person who is blind can travel abroad with a dog guide, inform the page of the company unless the destination is Morocco or Israel.There are also conditions for any traveler in the UK or Ireland: The animal must be a passport or health certificate of a veterinarian. In addition, you should be affiliated with the International Federation of Dogs Guide, UK Dogs Aid or International Dog Aid.Yolo, Samuel's dog, obey all these requirements.

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